mySolarEdge – A Monitoring App for System Owners

March 5, 2022
P4B Solar
mySolarEdge App

Is there an app to monitor Solar Panels?

mySolarEdge is the go-to monitoring app dedicated to residential and commercial system owners.
Packed with all the familiar SolarEdge monitoring features, mySolarEdge also includes capabilities empowering system owners to quickly and independently monitor their system and resolve routine system issues.

mySolarEdge reduces your reliance on system support, with remote support capabilities that cuts down unnecessary site visits.

All the SolarEdge monitoring app features, and more

mySolarEdge app offers the same screens and capabilities as the Monitoring app for installers:

  • Real-time module-level performance monitoring
  • Remote management of batteries, smart energy devices and EV charging

Additionally, mySolarEdge app includes self-service capabilities letting you as system owners easily and quickly resolve basic system issues.

Mysolaredge App Features

Of course, if the issue is too extensive, please do not hesitate to contact P4B Solar to assist.

User of the mySolarEdge app can independently change their Wi-Fi password and connection settings, reducing reliance on P4B Solar as your installer. You’re also able to view a detailed inverter status directly from your smartphones. The app securely connects to the inverter’s access point, displaying both basic and advanced inverter status views.

Mysolaredge App Inverter

mySolarEdge opens the door to providing remote customer support to you, even when the inverter is not yet connected to the SolarEdge monitoring service.

System owners without a monitoring account can independently download the app and sign up to view their inverter status, providing P4B Solar with critical system information.

Achieving your Energy Goals

Watch the video below to understand how you can achieve your energy goals through the use of SolarEdge technology, provided by P4B Solar.

Learn how mySolarEdge helps you monitor your system, optimise your system performance and maximise your electricity savings.

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