Optimisers? Putting the power in your pocket!

February 7, 2019
P4B Solar

How optimisers have changed the solar industry!

Up until the last 5 years or so, solar systems have always been a bit of a tricky task to design and install. The direction in which a system faces, the angle of tilt of the system and any shading present can have a drastic effect on the output of a solar system. A solar system is at its most efficient when it is facing due north. The same solar system could lose as much as 25% of its output capability by facing south instead. Additionally, a panel that sits at 35 degrees will be less efficient than a panel that sits at 22 degrees as it will collect less sunlight.

One of newest the drivers of increased solar system efficiency is the DC Optimiser. An optimizer is a DC power technology unit added to maximize the output efficiency of the system.

Solaredge Commercial Power Optimizer P600 P700
SolarEdge Commercial Power Optimiser

A conventional solar system is connected in rows of panels or ‘strings’ of up to 42 panels. The string of panels will operate at the efficiency of the least efficient panel. If you have a string of 250-watt panels and one panel is only operating at 150 watts for any reason, then the whole string is only operating at 150 watts.

When connected using DC Optimisers, each panel operates independently increasing the overall output of the system. The remote monitoring system we recommend, allows you to view the individual performance of each panel. The monitoring portal can be viewed from your smart phone or laptop, meaning you can check on your systems performance at anytime from anywhere in the world.

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