Residential Solar Adelaide - P4B Solar - Rooftop Solar
System Size:
  • 11.55kW
    • 5kW StorEdge Inverter
    • 275W Jinko Monocrystalline Panels
    • LG Chem 9.8kWh Modules
    • 3.5 Years

    With this install, the client was interested in battery storage but due wished to see the quality of work, to begin with.

    Upon completion of the works, the client was so happy that within two weeks he requested we design the battery storage and DC connection design for his additional install.

    By connecting a further 5kW of panels to the DC side of his inverter, his system can simultaneously power the household and charge his battery. Allowing the system to get around the 5kW maximum output limitation by driving 5kW of AC power and 5kW of DC power at the same time to give the client clean, green energy to use both in the daytime and during the night.

    Joe effectively has no more power bills at all!


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