Residential Rooftop Solar Install - Adelaide
System Size:
  • 9.9kW
    • 5kW 3 Phase Residential Inverter

    • 275W Jinko Monocrystalline Panels

    • P320 SolarEdge DC Optimisers

    • 2.8 Years

    Three-phase residential installs present more challenges due to more complex infrastructure.

    We decided to connect a three-phase residential inverter to spread the system’s electricity across all three supply phases for the household.

    Our biggest challenge was the aesthetic nature of the install. Given the beautiful sandstone exterior of the building, we had to be very careful about where we ran conduit lines and where the inverter was mounted.

    Our installers took extreme care to blend everything in, aiming to hide the conduit as effectively as possible from external sightlines.

    Richard - Inverter

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