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Our products are carefully assessed against specific performance metrics to ensure an optimal solution.

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Solar Panels
Size, output efficiency, product warranty, performance warranty: How are you to know which panel is the best?
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The 'Central Nervous System' of your solar system. Would you want an average system or the most optimal system possible?
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Battery Storage
Maximise self-consumption of existing solar, reduce electricity demand charges and provide backup loads for essential business operations or complete blackout support.
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Power Factor Correction
Contact the team at P4B Solar to better understand your Commercial Solar requirements.
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Solar Panels

Solar panel technology has come a long way since the first solar array was installed on a rooftop in New York City. Charles Fritz’ 1883 selenium cell solar array boasted a whopping 1% efficiency.

Not much by today’s standards, but it marked the first major step in the renewable energy journey. Between 1883 and 1954, solar panel chemistry transitioned to the origins of the silicon cell modules most commonly used today, with the Bell Labs Silicon Cell Solar Panel boasting a 6% efficiency.

Since 1954, solar panel technology, efficiency and longevity has rocketed ahead with panels exceeding 20% efficiency readily available in the market today. So how do you know which panels are the best? Which panels are going to last the longest? Which panels are the best bang for your buck?

The Selection Criteria

Solar Panel Efficiency:

The efficiency rating of a panel refers to the conversion efficiency of UV rays that hit the panels face and get converted into raw DC energy.

Consumers are often misled to believe that a panel that is 10% more efficient will deliver 10% more solar power for you. This is not necessarily true and there are a number of factors that contribute to or limit the output of your system.

Sportsmed - Commercial - Adelaide

Product Warranty vs Performance Guarantee:

Solar Panels often boast two different warranty periods. The product warranty safeguards against any manufacturing fault or defect which may present itself during the normal operation of the module.

The performance warranty relates to the degradation of the panel's efficiency over time. Industry-standard states the absolute minimum residual efficiency a panel must retain at 10 years and 25 years. Most panels on the market today exceed this benchmark so it is important to know what to look for, beyond a pretty linear graph.


Panel Output & Dimensions:

Less vital but still worth considering, the size and output capability of solar panels in the last 5 years has increased dramatically. However, for the most part, when you increase the output, you increase the size of the panel as well.

Bigger panels can mean less labour but could also mean more expensive installs with higher capacity components. These considerations should be covered by your chosen solar company.

Raphaella - Rooftop Solar Installation Residential - Adelaide

    Solar Inverters

    The solar inverter is sometimes referred to as the central nervous system of your solar system. Converting the raw energy from the panels into usable energy for your business or household. It is at the inverter that your technological decision becomes really important.

    The right inverter will provide high-efficiency energy conversion, a comprehensive product warranty and remote system monitoring capabilities to ensure you know what your system is doing and when.

    The wrong inverter will provide you with substandard system outputs, little to no monitoring capabilities and a warranty worth about as much as the paper it is printed on. At P4B Solar we only use premium quality equipment when designing solar solutions.

    Battery Storage

    As Australia pioneers the way in rapid uptake of rooftop solar for both commercial and residential properties, all eyes look to battery storage as the next step in the equation.

    Once daytime electricity needs are under control, nighttime consumption and standby loads are the next issues to be addressed. P4B Solar is actively working to provide cost-effective, sustainable energy storage solutions to commercial and residential clients.

    When designing your solar system, it is imperative that the technology chosen is compatible with a battery storage upgrade down the line, to avoid additional costly equipment upgrades in the future.

    Superior Solar Energy Solutions for South Australians

    Valued Clients

    Seppeltsfield Barossa Winery
    Badge Construction
    Opposite Lock
    Autobarn Mount Barker
    Jim Barry Wines
    Mount Barker District Council
    Pets Domain
    Rymill Coonawarra
    Bremerton Wines
    Pauletts Wines
    Atze Corner
    Atze Corner
    Atze Corner
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    We used P4B Solar & Energy Solutions for our home electricity review and solar conversion. From the intial meeting to the final panel and battery selection and installation their service and quality workmanship was truely outstanding.The entire process was made easy to understand and follow . P4B Solar were very professional and great with there communication and follow up keeping us updated throughout the entire process.Literary within weeks we were up and running and able to sit back and track our daily energy production, usage and export levels from the system.It was a great pleasure and experience working with P4B Solar and their team. Highly recommend them .
    Cry B.
    Cry B.
    23:33 22 Jan 20
    Awesome company awesome service very happy and good pricingThanks so muchPriscilla Denholm
    Mary D.
    mary D.
    04:47 16 Jul 20
    Great service and reliability.
    Wendy A.
    Wendy A.
    07:33 27 Jul 20
    P4B did our solar installation at the Big Rocking Horse. They were very professional during all stages of the process, and managed to complete everything on time, and to a high standard, despite a very tight schedule. The payback is dead on track with the initial projections, and their after-sales service is very good. No complaints.
    Frans G.
    Frans G.
    03:36 14 Aug 20
    Excellent service, friendly and efficient, and the place was clean and tidy when they left. Very happy.
    Greg T.
    Greg T.
    05:16 01 May 20
    Professional and pride driven.Helpful during initial planning and great service after installation.
    Jake N.
    Jake N.
    11:42 25 Aug 20
    P4B have been professional and easy to deal with from start to finish. They have taken the lead on a number of hurdles thrown up along the way and have been a pleasure to deal with. Tradesmen were excellent and extremely conscientious and diligent. Highly recommend.
    Craig C.
    Craig C.
    04:56 22 Jan 20
    We contacted P4B for our residential solar needs. After providing multiple quotes and answering all of our questions, we finally decided on a system and the process from there was smooth and efficient.The installers were fantastic, Peter and Dominic are great to deal with and no question is too silly or task too hard. We would happily recommend P4B to anyone looking for an amazing solar experience. Reliable, honest and attentive.
    Melinda O.
    Melinda O.
    07:03 22 Jul 20
    P4B Solar have been great to deal with. Dominic and Peter have been very helpful in every step along the way, so that we didn't have to worry about anything. Would thoroughly recommend them to anyone considering solar panels.
    Barb K.
    Barb K.
    05:23 22 Jan 20
    very happy with solar system design and performance
    Jim K.
    jim K.
    06:04 23 Jan 20
    We installed a solar system at our winery in the Adelaide Hills. Dominic and Peter have been great to work with. They provided a comprehensive proposal with a few options to consider, a great installation service and they continue to check in with us on a regular basis. I check the solar edge app regularly to see that the system suits our requirements and I'd happily use P4B for our next installation.
    Laura C.
    Laura C.
    00:23 15 May 20

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