Residential Solar Installation - Battery Panels - Crafers Adelaide - P4B Solar
System Size:
  • 11.55kW
    • 5kW StorEdge Inverter

    • 275W Jinko Monocrystalline Panels

    • LG Chem 9.8kWh Modules

    • 4.2 Years

    When connecting the battery storage unit and setting up the back-up capabilities for this household we had to run tests on each of the three supply phases to determine which of the household circuits was on each phase.

    The aim was to ensure that the essential loads within the house were connected to the back-up circuit to ensure as smooth a transition to battery back in grid-fail scenarios as possible.

    Back-Up Essential Loads – Main area lighting (LEDs), Water Pump, Hot Water Pilot Light (Gas Hot water), Small fridge for essential perishables.

    A simple mains circuit shut off was sufficient to test the back-up loads with a simple brown-out being experienced.

    Residential Solar Install - Crafers Adelaide
    Residential Solar Install - Crafers Adelaide - Battery
    Residential Solar Install - Crafers Adelaide

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